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Dr. Chris 

TF3 Certified Clinician pt, DPT, FRC, TF3CC / LIC. #40QA01817900

From a very young age sports and fitness were an integral part of my life. As a three sport athlete I always strove for excellence and welcomed competition. Unfortunately  I suffered a torn ACL in high school which was bittersweet due to the fact it acutely ended my football season but allowed me to gain insight and discover physical therapy. Ever since I have been obsessed with the human body, movement, and fitness.

Shortly after I directed my path in becoming a medical professional that incorporates both orthopedic rehabilitation and sports performance. Being able to assist individuals from post surgical care to competition levels is a delicate task but a job made seamless at Four3 Performance Lab. Here at Four3, with access to state of the art equipment and technology, we are able to take our knowledge and skills to the next level. This in turn allows us to blur of the lines between physical therapy and sports performance optimizing every athlete’s potential.

I gain energy from people who are passionate about crushing their goals. As a Team Four3 certified clinician I am able to assist athletes in all aspects of their performance. Understanding both ends of the spectrum as an athlete and healthcare professional, it allows me to develop unique approaches in developing an all-encompassing treatment plan. Simply put, no corners cut.