Dr. JD

TF3 Certified Clinician
PT, DPT, CF-L1, FRC, TF3CC / LIC. #40QA01550200


I have always been inspired by the struggle that life can provide. We confront obstacles on a daily basis in our personal and professional lives and are defined by how we overcome these encounters. Sports and endurance athletics provide challenges and struggles that allow us to grow and forge our mind and body into something stronger. This is why I have always maintained them as a part of my life. I have been able to connect my personal life of athletics into my professional life by becoming a physical therapist.

As a physical therapist I have always strived to use the most up to date, evidence based research to improve my ability to diagnose, evaluate and treat my patients. I use my personal experiences participating in D1 soccer, half marathons and endurance obstacle races to relate and understand an athlete’s motivations and mind set. Now as a part of Four3 it is possible to bring my life experiences, mantra, education, passion and ambition together to create something new.

By creating a seamless and all-encompassing plan of action for our athletes and patients, we are able to monitor and measure every aspect of their training. Utilizing this approach with strength, mobility, speed, endurance, cognition, fueling, hydration, pain, or recovery we are able to maintain consistency and always be moving forward. In doing so, we serve the public and medical community to always be the leader in our profession.

My goal is to develop elite performance in each of our athletes and achieve extraordinary results in our physical therapy patients through encouragement, discipline, respect, inspiration and hard work. By using cutting edge technology and science we are able to objectively measure and improve our patient's and athletes performance and outcomes. At Four3 we are not just breaking new ground, we are setting a new standard.