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Growing up as a 3-sport athlete, always bouncing from one game or practice to another, athleticism was a huge part of my identity. And even today, I continue enjoying athletic pursuits - like playing in a basketball league. However, what I've learned over the years, is that it's not the thrill of winning that drives me. It's the astounding ability of the human body to push itself (both mentally and physically) that is perhaps the most amazing part of any athletic pursuit. 

I believe that the body is capable of so much - and that the willingness to activate its abilities is actually the key to that elusive “fountain of youth” that we are all striving to find. We all know that research proves a correlation between a longer, healthier life and high levels of exercise. There is so much potential in our selves - it just needs the proper unlocking - and that is why I love what I do. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I am passionate about finding customized solutions that can unlock the right ways to push, explore, heal, and nourish the body so it can achieve all of the potential. 

My approach to physical therapy is a focus on manual and hands on treatment with an exercise program that complements the goals my patient sets. With the use of joint mobilizations, facial release, stretching, soft tissue mobilization, instrument assisted techniques, cupping, and various taping techniques, I have found my hands-on focus has helped athletes of all kinds achieve their goals, and more importantly, maintain them. 

The true grind and grit of athletes is what drives me each day to become a better practitioner. And I am here to help unlock an athlete's potential in his or her personal journey.  And with all of the state of the art resources at The Four3 Performance Lab, enabling practitioners to combine rehab, training, nutrition, and hydration, I am confident that I will be able to help my athlete get back on the field, bike, court, track, pool - or just back on the daily grind.