Four3 Technician

When I was a senior in high school I suffered a back injury and was referred to physical therapy to help me recover.  During this time I became more and more interested in the mechanism of my injury as well as began to gain a passion for running.   I knew I loved anatomy and wanted to study something pertaining to it in college but I wasn't sure of which direction to go. I started to ask more and more questions and began to research more and more about sports science and how certain physical therapy techniques could be utilized to enhance sports performance. I was so captivated by this sports science that I decided to go to school to ultimately become a physical therapist.


My passion for endurance sports grew from there and I enjoy helping other like-minded triathletes and runners achieve their goals at Four3. I love working at Four3 because the team here employs strength and conditioning techniques to optimize the athlete’s overall rehab and performance.  I believe triathletes and runners are obsessive and zealous to better themselves, as is the staff here. Four3 is establishing a pivotal new way to treat and train the athlete, and I'm excited for my future here and I'm excited to help athletes reach a new level in their sports as well.