Dr. Kyle 

TF3 certified clinician pt, dpt, cscs, FRC, tf3cc / lic. #40QA01817500


In life things go wrong. Your car needs maintenance, you wait a few days, maybe carpool with someone, then take it to the mechanic. Your sink has a leak, you use another sink in the house for a while then have the plumber come.  But what about  when your body breaks down? You can’t just “use another one."  I often think about this idea when it comes to physical therapy and sports performance. You only get one body and making sure it operates at maximum performance is what all humans strive for, regardless of athletic prowess.  This passion and journey is what fuels me on a daily basis as I work with athletes of all levels helping them reach and exceed their personal fitness and performance goals.

For as long as I can remember I have always been intrigued by movement. Playing various sports through the years, (soccer, lacrosse, rugby) I continued to be drawn towards not just my own physical improvement but also the performance of others. As I progressed through my education I began to gravitate toward anatomy and physiology, really taking an interest in how the body’s systems interact and affect one another. From there out there was no turning back. I knew that working with athletes, whether it be weekend warriors or elite level competitors, was what I wanted to do with my life.

While completing my undergraduate degree in exercise science at the University of Delaware I became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. This certification allows me to better serve clients with a broader knowledge base and improved grasp on practical interventions. From there I completed my Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree at the Medical University of South Carolina, graduating in May of 2018. Throughout my graduate level education I continued to improve my ability to optimize sports performance and was able to add the immense knowledge base and skill set of rehabilitative sciences that comes with being a physical therapist. Adding that knowledge has helped to give me a more complete tool box when it comes to addressing injuries, fixing deficits and improving overall athletic performance.

We at Team Four3 have the knowledge, tools. and the drive to help you reach a level of personal performance you have thought not possible. #alwaysbepushing