Dr. Feather


I grew up in Montville, NJ, attending Montville Township High school before moving on to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Business at Brandeis University, followed by my Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Drexel University.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an interest and passion towards improving my understanding around the human body, movement science, sports and athletic performance, and the field of rehabilitation. I grew up playing at the highest level of youth soccer we have for PDA (Players Development Academy) and was fortunate to continue my playing career at Brandeis. Throughout this time period, I was exposed to numerous, high-level, coaches, trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, and performance specialists. I gradually learned the importance and best methods on how to take care of my body as an athlete on and off the field and how to best optimize my performance. I also was exposed to countless injuries suffered by my teammates and other peers and watched their rehab process and progression, intrigued by the countless treatment methods utilized to get them back onto the field in a safe and timely manner. The combination of these experience along with my love for the sciences in school, drew me towards the field of physical therapy.

During my time at Drexel, I had 2 orthopedic professors and Doctors of Physical therapy who had an inclination and specialization towards runners and endurance athletes. They taught common injuries and treatment methods, injury prevention, biomechanics of runners, gait/running analysis, and evidence-based practice strength and conditioning progressions to improve performance and help return those who are injured back to running. I also had the opportunity to observe how these two professors conducted a movement screen and running analysis in their clinic on multiple occasions for runners of all levels. These experiences drew me into the field of endurance athletes and runners, compelling me to get into running races and marathons and fall in love with the process of running injury prevention, strength and conditioning, movement screening, and rehabilitation.

The field of physical therapy is vast and always evolving which I love. I love reading new literature and following/learning from some of the top PhD experts and DPTs in the field to improve my quality of care I give to my patients. Physical therapists are unique and unlike any other medical professional out there. We are able to spend the most one-on-one time with our patients and give them the care they deserve and seek. Providing education and empowerment to my patients so that they can meet any realistic goal they desire, planned out with myself, is what I love most about my job.