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I have been drawn to movement as long as I can remember. I watched basketball with my parents religiously even before I was old enough to attend school. In elementary school, I regularly challenged the fastest kids in my neighborhood to foot races and in high school  I ran cross country. During this time I discovered a hobby that blended my love of movement with music; DJing.  I selected and mixed songs to keep people dancing and soon found myself analyzing their movements.


Today, I dive deeper into that analysis as a student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Dominican College.  As a Four3 Technician I see concepts I learn in the classroom come alive. In the fall I started working with athletes, trainers, and coaches for a professional basketball team in New York which further feeds my passion for sports and human movement.


I am extremely excited to be a part of the team at Four3 with our scientific approach to optimizing performance, the openness to new technology, information and techniques, the well-designed facility and the community it has built. The clinicians are athletes who tailor sessions based on each individual’s needs. The technicians have backgrounds in sports and provide unique perspectives. It is a pleasure to work with and learn from this team and use my unique blend of experience and skills to contribute to the rehabilitation and training of these dedicated athletes.