Four3 Scientist NASM - CPT;PES

I’ve always been fascinated with capability of the human body and how far we can push our limits.  Growing up I was involved in just about every sport possible.  Throughout my high school sports career I began to fall in love with the training more than the actual sports themselves.  As this passion began to grow I knew that one day I wanted to help other athletes achieve success and surpass their goals.

 After high school I decided to obtain my personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) while at the same time pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food science at Montclair State University.  My thirst for knowledge and professional development then inspired me to become a sports performance specialist with NASM and I am currently pursuing my conditioning and strengthening certification (CSCS).  I am always pushing myself to provide my clients with the highest level, research backed, training and coaching. 

 At Four3 I’m here to help our athletes and patients achieve optimal results through a safe, systematic, and effective progression toward getting back to living and performing at the highest level possible whether that be on the field or just feeling your best in your daily life.