Tailormade Youth Training


Individually designed to reach your child’s specific goals

  • Coordination

  • Health and Wellness

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Sport specific performance

> Baseline Testing to show objective change and progress towards goals

> Improve performance and gain confidence while having fun!

> “Buddy Training” available for two/three friends or family members

Priced as low as $30 per session!

Four3 is extremely proud to announce our Tailormade Youth Training! Our team has developed a testing, programming, and training method that has been specifically designed for our youth population. Whether your child’s needs are that of strength and conditioning, speed and agility, coordination, sport specific performance, or just overall health and wellness we will work with you to formulate a personalized plan to help them crush their goals. A key component to our program is educating both you and your child on the benefits of training and proper nutrition as well as dispelling many of the myths surrounding exercise.

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Our youth training program begins with an initial discovery incorporating testing of mobility, strength, coordination, and body composition to determine baseline measurements. This data is then combined with the information gathered during our discussion with you and your child to develop the individualized approach to their training. We will provide weekly check ins with you and at certain intervals we will retest to show the objective progress from the baseline measurements towards the goals set. Not only will your child feel the improvement in performance and confidence, but they will have the numbers to back it up!


Additionally, we will be providing a “buddy training” program for two or three children who are friends or family. This provides a great opportunity at a reduced rate for children to support one another with fitness or who may be initially standoffish with exercise to gain confidence.

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