Director of Client Experience and Social Media

 I've spent the past thirteen years in service and hospitality at Whole Foods Market. Being a part of the Northeast region's growth from 12 stores to 37 stores has afforded me an irreplaceable learning experience, from which I have built my fundamental tenets of success and service. I believe both are deeply rooted in creating an optimal experience for clientele and that is my focus at Four3.

 I am passionate about the people in this field. The athletes that we cater to are the reason we're here. It’s all about them and their journey. We are here to facilitate their passion.
I was hooked from the moment I heard about the Four3 concept. Taking highly motivated athletes, tailoring their training and diet to the specific needs of their biology and raising them to their highest potential of endurance, skill, and passion is just incredible. Combining this concept with state of the art facility, equipment, and trainers-is an experience I am beyond fortunate and excited to be a part of!