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LABoratory Kits

Objective gains are our obsession and numbers are our tools.  We will discover your overlooked and undertrained pillars to take your performance to the next level. Our services are custom blended based upon your goals and needs as an athlete. We are in a constant state of developing new data points and defining new areas of performance gain as advanced technology hits the scene. Leave nothing on the table.



This is where it all begins.  Discovery is the flagship kit of Four3 combining the full spectrum of our elite level testing equipment with Team Four3’s comprehensive physiological knowledge base.  Over the two hours of testing we create a complete snapshot of your current Four Pillars of Performance profile involving biomechanics, metabolic and hydration status, cognitive function, and recovery.  Once completed, the data gathered from your testing results is then extensively analyzed by our team and key areas of insufficiency and deficit are defined.  A return session is scheduled where our team spends approximately one hour presenting and discussing the results as well as providing you with a full write-up.  Our team will make recommendations on Four3 X programming which is specifically developed to address your defined needs from Discovery.  Leave nothing on the table. 

Four3 X Programming

1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x… what’s your dedication?  Four3 X Programming has been developed to set the standard of what personalized training should be in the endurance world.  As a perfect continuation from Discovery, or on its own, X programming combines strength training, cognitive training, metabolic conditioning, active recovery and motor control reconditioning to provide a truly comprehensive training philosophy hitting on all the major system utilized during endurance sports.  X programming changes monthly and is developed based on your specific physiological, biomechanical, and metabolic needs and goals and takes into consideration time of race season, upcoming challenges, and variations in training schedule.  Strength and conditioning has become the most overlooked aspect of endurance sports training yet research shows the gains from proper programming can make the difference between placing 1st and just finishing… NEVER STOP PUSHING

Race Fueling analysis

Through our research and work with endurance athletes Team Four3 has developed our Race Fueling Analysis (RFA).  Our team will utilize our state of the art equipment to create a baseline of your resting metabolic rate, body composition, and sweat rate/concentration.  The data collected will be analyzed by our professional team and we will develop your personalized and specified fueling and hydration strategies.  Your current nutritional strategy will be analyzed and a new plan will be developed based on your test results.  You will receive consult on the results and a copy of the write-up once completed.  Nutrition and hydration can power you to your personal best… Don’t be left wondering if you are properly fueling.


The latest and hottest (excuse the pun) research in endurance sports is the use of heat stress training.  Originally studied as a way to confer acclimation of heart rate, blood pressure, and exertion levels for athletes racing in higher temperature climates, research has found that heat stress training can improve performance in endurance athletes in their normal environments.  Four3 proudly embraces this research and has developed our Blue Heat program.  Utilizing data gathered through research journal articles combined with our experience working with elite level endurance athletes, Team Four3 has custom designed our Blue Heat program to maximize the benefits of heat stress training.  Whether you are a multisport, motorsport, or tactical athlete, Blue Heat will provide benefits including decreased heart rate for same exposure, decreased body temperature responses, decreased skin temperature responses, reduction in perceived exertion, increased sweat rate, improved sweat onset, improved heart function and blood distribution, and an overall improvement in ability to perform in the heat.  Setting the standard for heat stress training, Blue Heat utilizes both convection and infrared heating sources to provide a full spectrum of stresses.  Based directly on research studies, programs are one hour in length over the course of 5 sessions.  This sequencing allows for the most efficient way to maximize the gains on heat stress training.  Athletes will receive InBody baseline testing before and after each session to monitor fluid loss, improvement in retaining fluid, as well a vital sign monitoring in real time. The data gathered during the sessions will be given to you and can be analyzed by Team Four3. Blue Heat--- pushing the boundaries of endurance sport science


As an endurance athlete you are inherently driven to go longer, faster, harder, so recovery is often the last thing on your mind. However, the power of proper recovery is just as beneficial as proper training.  Maintenance of your physiological and metabolic pathways allows for proper repair of damaged tissue and improved vascularization and expelling of waste products, not to mention reduction of injury incidence. Through our backgrounds in physiology and analysis of current research literature in endurance sports, Team Four3 has developed Four3Recovery.  F3R combines the most clinically effective recovery techniques into the most powerful recovery session for endurance athletes.  After a key review of your medical history and previous injury history, you will be evaluated by Team Four3’s Doctors of Physical Therapy to identify areas of joint and soft tissue deficit.  Our doctors will address and work to improve your joint and soft tissue health as well as improve neural mobility.  You will receive a Normatec session incorporating lower extremity, or upper extremity attachments based upon your needs.  Our team will also utilize Compex muscle stimulators to create an active recovery effect (based upon appropriateness).  Research has also shown coffee to be a great recovery tool so get ready to drink up!  Four3 proudly brews Boonton Coffee Company daily roast to keep you fueled.  STAY IN THE RACE!


Often seen as the gold standard for endurance performance testing, VO2 max measures the maximum amount of oxygen that can be utilized by the body during vigorous exercise.  While this testing supplies us with a powerful data point it is not giving the whole picture of your current metabolic and cardiovascular performance levels.  By incorporating MOXY monitor into the VO2 max testing, we can gain an equally as powerful data point which gives us a direct look into the oxygen levels in specific muscles in your body.  Comparing these two data points give us a much better look into which factor is impacting your performance as well as giving our team a much more effective way to develop your plan of attack. 


Designed for our athletes looking to get a quick look into their current metabolic status and adapt their nutritional strategy to fit changes in volume/season, Team Four3 proudly presents our Lunch on the Run.  As a follow up for our Race Fuel Analysis or just to give you boost with your current performance LOTR is a great bang for the buck.  Proper nutrition can mean the difference between a podium and a DNF.  Through the use of our elite level testing equipment our team will determine your current baseline resting metabolic rate, body composition including lean mass and segmental lean mass.  Your current nutritional strategy will be analyzed and a new plan will be developed incorporating the data found during the testing.  Your training volume and race season change frequently…make sure your nutritional strategy follows suit. 




Team Four3 is proud to offer our athletes an elite level solution to gait analysis.  Combining Dartfish software with multiple camera angles, our team can pick up the most subtle of movement deficits and efficiency sapping motions.  Utilizing Dorsa Vi wearable sensors, Team Four3 is able to measure ground reaction force, right and left lower extremity discrepancies, as well as varus and valgus stresses at the knee.  The surface EMGs included in Dorsa Vi allow us to take a real time look at the firing of your quads/ hamstrings and tease out imbalances and compensations.  Testing is conducted on Woodway Pro treadmills in order to simulate the most accurate road feel and real world testing.  If your issues occur with longer distance runs which cannot be accurately simulated in our lab, Dorsa Vi allows for remote recording of data.  Our team will set you up with the wearable sensors and small recording device and you simply go through your run.  Once you return to the lab, we can offload the data and analyze it to see where and why things went wrong.  Proper gait mechanics are directly linked to energy saving and power maximizing performance in endurance athletes as well as severely decreasing incidence of injury… Don’t leave your “analysis” up to someone with an iphone app.  



Proper joint mobility, soft tissue mobility, and motor patterns are directly linked with improved performance and decreased injury risk.  Combining our expertise as doctors of physical therapy and our research with elite level endurance athletes, Team Four3 proudly presents F3LMOVE.  Designed to identify key joint and soft tissue deficits specifically in each of our three groups of endurance athletes as well as identify motor pattern compensations and compensatory motions, F3LMOVE sets the standard for elite level mobility assessment.  Excellent as a baseline measure prior to the start of the training season or as a monitor during the season, F3LMOVE is designed to make sure you are maximizing your peak performance potential.  Upon completion of F3LMOVE you will receive a write up and consult as well as a PDF file of the results.  STAY AHEAD OF THE PACK!



Functional Threshold Power (FTP) represents the highest possible power that can be maintained over 45-60 minutes. Traditional testing consists of a 30 minute warm-up followed by 20 minutes of the max effort that can be sustained for the duration. An athlete’s FTP is determined by taking 95% of the average power that can be maintained over the 20 minute period. Determining your FTP is the cornerstone to setting up power and heart rate zones for cycling.

We have found by combining MOXY testing at the same time as FTP testing the data points collected reflect much more of your complete athletic profile.  MOXY gives our team a real-time view of your muscle oxygen concentration in a specific muscle.  As you begin to reach your peak FTP, we are able to view changes in the muscle oxygen concentration and better determine the limiting factor of your FTP as well as utilize the data to develop training to improve your performance. 



Feel you are missing something but not sure of exactly what you need? Our team’s expertise lies in consulting one on one with you to determine the specific tests, analysis, and tweaks you need to take your performance to the next level. Please contact us with your needs and we will develop a plan of attack and upfront pricing.




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