The team


We know that training is a way of life for our athletes and doesn’t stop at the end of a session.  Our Team lives and breathes for this and will be with you from start to finish.


Dr. William A. Bottino

Founder & Director of Operations
PT, DPT, CSCS / LIC. #40QA0121100

Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Functional Dry Needling Level 1 Certified Clinician
Graston Technique M-1 Clinician

Throughout my 10+ year career in physical therapy it was always a dream of mine to combine my manual therapy skill set with my love for endurance sports.  For endurance athletes their “sport” is so much more than that, it truly is a passion and lifestyle that defines them as a human and they carry with them throughout their lives always driving them to advance, much like that of myself.  Early in my career this moved me to learn more about the science of endurance athletes especially the physiological, cardiovascular, biomechanical, metabolic and cognitive factors which greatly influence their performance.  I have always had a huge passion of my own for cycling and motorsport.  Given my knowledge of human physiology the thrill of watching these athletes act out chess match strategies at extremely high speed while managing the extreme cardiovascular, physical, and cognitive elements of a full race truly amazes me.      

During my practice as a Doctor of Physical Therapy I have been personally driven to develop and refine my craft to provide the most advanced techniques to my clients.  Through my Functional Dry Needling Level 1 Certification and as a Graston Technique M-1 clinician I am able to make dramatic and immediate changes in soft tissue and joint mobility and use my knowledge base as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist to reinforce these gains.  It inspires me to take an already accomplished endurance athlete and take them to the next level utilizing my hands with research backed techniques.

With the birth of Four 3 I found a team dedicated to the same passion as myself, providing elite level endurance science service programs tailored specifically for each athlete.  Finally endurance athletes have a brand that embodies their culture and exists solely for their needs.  We will embrace our passion and never stops grinding to get you to the next level. 



Dr. John Brower

Team Four3 Certified Clinician

PT, DPT, TF3CC / LIC. #40QA01550200

Board Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy
Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certified (SFMA)

Functional Movement Screen Certified (FMS)

Dr. John Brower graduated Montclair State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and later received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Franklin Pierce University.  He is outgoing, compassionate, ambitious, driven, and hardworking.  When he isn’t spending quality time with his family and Wife Christina, Dr. Brower loves to keep active, playing soccer and basketball.



Dr. Jaclyn Salomone

Co-Founder & Director of Athlete Services
PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS / LIC. #40QA01455300

Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Functional Dry Needling Level 1 Certified Clinician
Graston Technique M-2 Clinician

“Always Be Pushing.” These 3 words have always resonated with me – both in my career and in competition.  I have spent almost half of my life learning about, analyzing, and working with the human body; yet every day, I continue to be impressed.  As a doctor of physical therapy, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and triathlete, I have seen what it is like to push one’s body and mind to the limit.  It is impressive, but needs to be managed properly.

In my 5 years as a physical therapist, two things have become glaringly obvious. One is the unnecessary disconnect between the rehab and fitness worlds. The second is a lack of a focused entity to meet the extreme and specific demands of the endurance athlete population.   Given my passions for both physiotherapy and endurance sports, the creation of Four3 was the solution.  
Most endurance athletes have utilized some of our services in the past, most likely at multiple locations.  At Four3, I am able to offer a seamless approach that integrates the most innovative techniques in sports science, physical therapy, and strength and conditioning.  In one session, I could address a soft tissue restriction with Functional Dry Needling or the Graston Technique, reinforce biomechanics with targeted strengthening exercises, monitor a metabolically specific training session, and implement the appropriate recovery methods.  With this approach, the athlete always remains the primary focus and is provided with the consistency necessary to stay healthy and make continuous gains.

At Four3, I intend to apply the “Always Be Pushing” attitude with all of our athletes. Pushing them to work harder. Pushing them to listen to their bodies.  Pushing them to achieve goals that once seemed unattainable.  With the proper guidance, the human body will do amazing things.



Zach Schriever

Director of Client Experience and Social Media

 I've spent the past thirteen years in service and hospitality at Whole Foods Market. Being a part of the Northeast region's growth from 12 stores to 37 stores has afforded me an irreplaceable learning experience, from which I have built my fundamental tenets of success and service. I believe both are deeply rooted in creating an optimal experience for clientele and that is my focus at Four3.

 I am passionate about the people in this field. The athletes that we cater to are the reason we're here. It’s all about them and their journey. We are here to facilitate their passion.
I was hooked from the moment I heard about the Four3 concept. Taking highly motivated athletes, tailoring their training and diet to the specific needs of their biology and raising them to their highest potential of endurance, skill, and passion is just incredible. Combining this concept with state of the art facility, equipment, and trainers-is an experience I am beyond fortunate and excited to be a part of!


John Widovic

Endurance Training Specialist

I am a Lieutenant and a Station Commander with the New Jersey State Police with over 28 years of experience. I have held numerous positions throughout my career including several years with the Troop B Tactical Patrol & Metro North Units. I was fortunate enough to be the Assistant Commander and Commanding Officer of both of those units. My experience ranges from policing in the inner cities such as Irvington and Newark to patrolling suburban towns and highways. I am also a Certified Firearms Instructor, Self-Defense for Law Enforcement Instructor and Physical Training for Law Enforcement Instructor.

While the NJSP is my career, I have always been interested in physical fitness and learning how the body works and can perform better.  I am presently a CrossFit Level 1 Coach. I also obtained my NASM personal trainer certification and my ITCA triathlon coaching certification to gain as much knowledge as I could. I applied this knowledge and my experience as I helped others reach their goals, whether that was entering a police academy, completing a triathlon or just wanting to get fitter and lead a healthy lifestyle.

My passion has always been endurance sports where I have competed in well over 200 events, ranging from 5K’s to marathons, sprint triathlons to Ironman distances triathlons. Having trained for and completing 6 Ironman triathlons while working 50 hour weeks on a rotating schedule, combined with a family life and raising 2 fantastic sons, I know the importance of time management while training smart, efficiently and safely.

I feel my knowledge, training and “real life” experiences brings a unique component to Four3.