Test. Formulate. Create. Dominate.

Four3 Performance Lab embodies the greatest expression of the passion, culture, and drive that motivates athletes. We provide handcrafted, tailor-made rehab and sports-science services unlike anything an athlete has ever experienced. We are a concierge level customer service luxury brand first and foremost and strive on a daily basis to exceed our client’s expectations in all ways. We constantly hunger to learn and incorporate the latest research into our approach and methodology. 



Four3 was born in May 2015 by two like-minded and extremely passionate athlete-clinicians. Drs. William Bottino and Jaclyn Salomone envisioned a brand that would feed their common addiction to both the science of sports as well as the athletic culture as a whole. They began to develop their own methodology through their passion for lifelong learning as well as constant testing / formulating / creating from their athletes.  This naturally led to the concierge level of service which is interwoven throughout the Four3 lifestyle. Bill and Jackie quickly realized they were attaining results with their athletes unlike anyone else and had given birth to something truly special and unique. 

As Four3 developed over the next few years Drs. Bill and Jackie were constantly tinkering with the services they provided, always making sure they were integrating the latest in elite level sports science services with their athletes.  This passion grows daily and provides the drive which powers the Four3 team to always be pushing, in every way.   

With the core elements of Four3 rooted in concierge level service and athletic culture they knew they needed to add a third key member to the team with a very specialized skill set. In January 2017 enter Zach Schriever with an extensive background in customer service and social media marketing. With Zach’s talent he was able to capture the vibe of Four3’s culture in picture, video, and word and broadcast it globally through social media. The missing piece was now added to team Four3 and the brand truly took form. 

In April 2017, Four3 opened its doors to its first space in Boonton, NJ. Initial growth was cultivated through a grassroots movement but as athletes would come in they spread the word and soon we had individuals coming from as far as Connecticut and Pittsburgh for the Four3 brand. Nine months later, Four3 proudly opened its second office in Wyckoff, NJ. 

The vision for Four3 has become a reality and future growth shows no limits. A concierge level luxury brand designed for individuals who not only expect, but demand the best in all aspects of life. Four3 is committed to bring it's message to athletes around the world.