“I have been participating in Four3 programing for the past 5 months…

The professionals at Four3 performed the full complement of testing on me at the initial evaluation I was surprised at the level of detail and care that was given to examining every aspect of my physical fitness and mobility (or lack of mobility). At this point I was like these people are serious, and that was evident as they spent a great deal of time talking with me about the results and breaking down each issue… with my improved physical fitness levels I decided to train for a half Iron (70.3) Distance Triathlon.  While I am not new to triathlon I backed out of the last race I was signed up for this past fall because I was in such terrible shape and had been plagued with training injuries.  Training at Four3 has helped me to see the importance of training "correctly" with recovery and nutrition all fused together to create the best possible outcome for my performance gains.

Race fuel and hydration testing were the game changer for me, I would always listen to what friends used or what I read in magazines or took Gu or power gel, none of this ever really worked that great for me… It was not until Four3 started to blend custom nutrition based on my specific body comp results and needs that I realized just how well I could perform with the correct custom combination. I had zero to think about or do, Four3 broke my specific nutrition needs down into pre-race, during, and post-race packaging … this endurance specific race fuel and training has me breaking race PRs and surprising myself with my overall performance.

One of the most important things I have received from Four3 is the ability to train without injury.  If I advised them of pain or discomfort they would immediately address the issue or advise me how to alter my training to allow my body to recover…

That's the key to Four3, they have the means to collect the data and the knowledge to take that information and put it info into actual use in my training to get me the best results. I highly recommended the services they provide, it will be a definite performance upgrade in your endurance sports training.  I will continue my progress with Four3 as I now train for a full Ironman 140.6 in Louisville 10/2018, I am confident with Four3 in my corner I will crush that race, no question.”